Most frequent questions and answers

The CORE PE Curriculum is the only program that is a completely aligned SYSTEM, based from the SHAPE America national standards and GSLI’s, which covers all of the major components when implementing a physical education program:

  • Planning
  • Learning Progressions
  • Skill Breakdown of ALL Learning Progressions
  • Assessment
  • Grading for Learning
  • Report Results
CORE PE guides you in each of these foundational steps, according to your Physical Education variables. Short written & video trainings root you in educational best practices for your teaching situation and guide you to quickly implement the system. CORE PE saves you A TON of time through all teaching tasks while transforming you and your students’ experience in Physical Education.

Most PE curriculums center around daily lesson plans. Although useful as a resource, those plans are rarely followed as thoroughly as intended due to differences in variables of your program and teaching style.

Taking an inverse approach to daily lesson plan formats, the CORE PE Curriculum System provides the core groundwork to be a REALLY effective & efficient teacher, facilitating you to build your program from the inside out. You still teach your PE favorites & HAVE TIME to search for new ones! CORE PE keeps you intentionally rooted in the standards & learning progressions to precisely meet students’ developmental level. With all of this foundational breakdown work done for you, you open up your planning time for choosing your games and activities & exploring topics on your mind to make your program more awesome!

CORE PE is a first of it’s kind, stand alone PE Curriculum System and also SUPPORTS other programs by providing an aligned core framework and practical tools that you will use frequently and indefinitely. Favorite lesson plans from other programs can be used, but are not necessary to experience success with the CORE PE System.

The CORE PE Curriculum System is delivered digitally, on the CORE PE website, in your members login area. This way, you can access the program from anywhere. You also have the capability of printing the parts of the program you are actively using. You can access the program in class from your tablet, or print out for your clipboard.

CORE PE is specifically intended to simplify, not to add complexity. The CORE PE system facilitates you to most effectively use your school’s computerized grading system according to your preference: record assessment scores on printed class lists/clipboard OR record assessment electronically on your tablet, directly into your school’s learning management system. 

School License: CORE PE Curriculum is primarily intended for schools & districts to purchase, as with other curricular areas. We strongly encourage teachers to bring CORE PE to your school or district administrative team to seek funds to purchase curriculum, separate from your equipment budget. Contact us for bulk licensing pricing for larger districts – hello@corepecurriculum.com.

School License: We also have a transferable license option. In the event there is turnover in the teaching position, the new teacher takes over the remaining time of the 3-year license. (Think: purchasing for the position, not the specific teacher in the position).

Personal License: We also allow individual teachers, homeschool, and youth activity programs to personally purchase a license. If you personally purchase a license, it stays with you, even if you move educational settings. If you do this, there could be a tax write-off. Check with your tax preparer (CORE PE, LLC can’t give tax advice).

SHAPE America released the updated national standards and GSLI’s in March 2024. We’ve completed the PreK-5 unpacking and update! We project to release the secondary program by late summer/fall of 2024. Sign up on our 6-12 waitlist to be notified. 

Absolutely yes. We know in life that we are more effective when we have better systems and tools. The CORE PE Curriculum System provides just that. The longer you use this system, combined with your teaching experience, your depth of implementation and impact with your students grow. As we teach our students to try new things, we are also the model for that value!

Yes. Anyone looking to improve the physical skills and associated movement concepts, fitness, social, and personal aspects of a child can implement this program. There is tremendous value in the 65 elementary skill sheets broken down for every skill and ability level. PreK-5, it adds up to 450+ skill breakdowns! Skill breakdowns are written simply so anyone can facilitate the development of physical and associated skills in young people. Short written & video tutorials are simple to understand and root the educator in best practices for helping children increase their proficiency in motor skills, cognitive understanding, fitness, social & emotional skills, and value for physical activity.

Yes! CORE PE is incredibly valuable for Adapted PE Teachers. The simply-written skill progressions and 3-part breakdowns for how to teach the skill are an asset for assessing your students’ skills, needs, developing goals and objectives, and authentically evaluating their progress and growth. The CORE PE Skill Progressions & Breakdowns would be like a library of goals and objectives. In utilizing the different grade level skills and outcomes, you can precisely meet students developmentally – facilitating tremendous improvement in their skills as you work together to get to “the next level”.