3 Step System for Success

Two male and two female PE teachers standing on running track smiling at camera.

1. Yearly & Quarterly Planning

Complete planning guide sample and template help you determine the outcomes you can realistically cover with your specific variables.

The planning guide directly and proportionately covers the SHAPE America outcomes. We guide and facilitate total customization of the planning template to your teaching situation in a prep time or two.

2. Grade-Level Outcomes Breakdown & Assessment

Each SHAPE America outcome is broken down for you to introduce the skill, provide specific feedback, and conduct efficient assessment.

Every standard, outcome, and grade level are done-for-you and ready to implement your personalized plan from step one. This simple, at-a-glance tool facilitates deep understanding of the GLO’s and provides the core content from which you base your self-created or chosen games and activities. Experience clarity, ease, and “in the zone” teaching and learning as the norm.

Boy (9 years) listening to female PE Teacher (30s) giving skill feedback in Physical Education class.
Black male PE teacher coaching a group of diverse elementary PE students through a soccer/foot dribbling exercise weaving between yellow cones.

3. Reporting Results

Framework & tools to efficiently report results in learning, transparently aligned to SHAPE America's standards & outcomes for every grade level.

How much to assess for reporting? CORE PE guides you on this formerly complex topic. Outcome language is traceable through each step of the CORE PE System & simple for students, parents, and guardians to understand.

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We Have You Covered.

Planning, Skill Breakdown, Assessment, & Reporting Results

Samples Shown: Catching – Kindergarten

Like a library to choose from…

the rest of the aligned 300+ Skill Breakdowns are


  • Every Outcome & Skill.
  • Every Grade, K-5.
  • Every National Standard.
Comprehensive System. 
Written & Video Guidance.
Digitally-Fillable Templates.
Complete Personalization & Program Flexibility.
Transform YOUR Physical Education Program.
100 %
Alignment to National Standards & Outcomes
50 +
Creators' Years in Education
1000 's
Students of all abilities Served
300 +
Skill Breakdowns

Simple Steps to Success

We've got you! Step-by-step.

Simply and practically aligned to the national standards and outcomes.

Simple tools & guided steps.

Simply effective.

CORE PE guarantees your automatic complimentary update of the K-5 Curriculum System as soon as we update following the upcoming SHAPE America standards revision.

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