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The time has come for foundational unity in teaching Physical Education across the country. The CORE PE Curriculum System is the first total-package physical education system designed to align your curriculum with standards & outcomes.

CORE PE is like no other physical education program available:

This system was designed to fill the large gap between outcomes and daily lesson plans. It provides you, your program, and our content area with a “done-for-you” comprehensive groundwork system that is explicitly reflective of the SHAPE America standards and grade-level outcomes.

It transforms the SHAPE America national standards and grade-level outcomes into a comprehensive, flexible, and tactical program.

Facilitating your personalized physical education program begins with the CORE PE Curriculum System.

Active and fit physical education teachers high-fiving to celebrate, cheer, and congratulate each other outside.
A multi-ethnic group of kids outside in a huddle with their hands together.


Once you have the foundation and organization established with the CORE PE Curriculum System, then you have the freedom, energy, and headspace to get creative in the activities, games, and special events you provide your students. The result? Ultimate connection with your students in teaching and learning! You will be set up for efficiency in every core step of teaching including: planning, teaching the outcome skills, assessment, grading for learning, and reporting results.

Make your impact.

Your deep understanding of the grade-level outcomes and how to meet and challenge your students will transform your impact and connection with them. Making this difference is our passion! We want you to have the confidence that your students are receiving the highest-quality standards and outcomes-based education. You will be equipped to facilitate and inspire your students to dramatically increase their physical literacy and fall in love with physical activity. Join us in the CORE PE movement to ensure equitable and impactful physical education across the country!

Sonja Riddle & Dr. Sue Barnd