School License
(school email)
$ 850 One-Time Pay
  • Purchased by district
  • 3 year digital access
  • 2024 revision included
  • Transferable for teacher turnover

You have chosen a K-5 Transferable school license.

This license is good for one teaching position and may be transferred ONE (1) TIME to a new teacher in that position in case of teacher turnover.

  • Purchased by school/district – ability to purchase multiple licenses
  • Must enter/use teacher’s school email (no personal emails)
  • Transferable license is a cost savings if there is a turnover in the teaching position during 3-year license cycle
  • The school district is responsible to contact CORE PE to transfer the account from the previous teacher to the new teacher
  • Digital access to the program for 3 years

Upcoming CORE PE PreK-5 revision will be included complementary to reflect upcoming 2024 SHAPE America standards updates.

(Current now and will be current with upcoming 2024 national standards revision.)

Price Breakdown

Number of licenses
Price per license
Total Price

(May use for Purchase Orders with your school and submitting payment via check or electronic deposit.)

Districts: Contact us for bulk licensing options & pricing